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With the help of our collective, both from local and international network, this event held last 11th of December 2021 was conducted successfully.

About thirty people with ages ranging from early 20s to early 60s, coming from different cities and municipalities of South Luzon and National Capital Region (NCR), actively participated in this event. At around two in the afternoon, the screening of the first film entitled "D.E.N.R (Destruction of Environment and Natural Resources)" commenced. This short film produced locally discussed the ongoing concern of Northern Negros Natural Park and Mega airport project in Bulacan which will cost displacement of local fisherfolks, indigenous people, and massive destruction to the natural world for the sake of this thing we called "Progress".

The succeeding films were from the international network. Viewing of the films "Stop Neighborhood Oil Drilling" and "Prelude to a Disaster" ensued after some solidarity messages from the international network. To conclude the event, the film "Bright Green Lies" by Julia Barnes was screened.

Event proper

Immediately after the screening of the four films, an informal discussion was moderated by Ja. Participants raised their questions and shared their experiences related to what they have just seen on screen. Afterwards, everyone indulged in the meals prepared by Food Not Bombs Dasma.

Musical performances of varying genres were highly enjoyed by the attendees. Performances from UHE64N6, Amsad Usad, Mondy, and Hukbong Lumpen as well as those who participated in the open jam capped the night off.

Musical performances from different artists and solo performers

The main purpose of this event is to critique the "green technology" being endorsed by mainstream environmental groups as the solution to save the natural world from the ecological crisis we're currently facing, such as Air and Water Pollution, Global Warming, Waste Disposal and Management, Ocean Acidification, Deforestation, Ozone Layer Depletion, Acid Rain, Loss of Biodiversity, Public health issues that lead to rising extinction rates that are rising every single day.

Discussion, reflection, and sharing of insights and stories from participants

These so-called green technology or renewable energy will never be sustainable because they still require raw materials coming from mining activities which are very destructive to the natural world. This complete greenwashing trying to establish an impression that they are green, concerned, and will save the planet, is only a scapegoat and their main agenda is to continue supplying energy to this thing we called "Industrial Civilization" which is the imperial core of ecological destruction.

Discussion, reflection, and sharing of insights and stories from participants

The crisis and destruction our natural world is facing will never stop especially under the capitalist system. Changing the current system and shifting to a new one will not work as long as we view other organisms and natural resources as commodities and while we still enjoy the luxury of the industrial civilization, the rape of the environment will never end.

We think we need to start acknowledging that Industrial Civilization is the root of all destruction that is happening around the world, and that could be the first step to start thinking and exploring what would be the best practices, alteratives, and direct actions we can do to save the dying planet.

Playing solidarity message

If you think resistance becomes a necessity to the current situation, we would like to know more and learn from you.

The Pirate Crew would like to thank those individuals, groups, and collective who participated in this event. Thank you for sharing your time and for being with us.

Playing solidarity message

Special thanks to:

Sharmaine who brought snacks and to the rest of the crew from the Trece Martires City;

Talo and Ces and to the rest of Food Not Bombs Dasma, who prepared our dinner and midnight snacks;

Food prepared by Food Not Bombs Dasma which was shared by everyone during the event

Direk Arvin Belarmino of Halikon Films, for providing the projector and the wide screen;

Arvin Laureles of Badboar Records Ph, for the drumset used during the musical performances of various artists;

My bandmates from Hukbong Lumpen: Mighty, Luna, Jec, Zeyd, Arvin, and to our sessionist Reggie and Jay-R;

UHE64N6, Amsad Usad, Mondy, for sharing their music and to all who shared their music that night;

Neneth, Nelia, Egay and to the rest of Kamusta Ka Mutual Aid;

Ester of Vegabond Media;

Bas Umali of Bas Channel;

Max Wilbert of Deep Green Resistance, Susan Breen of DGR/Shale Must Fall, Jason Bayless of A Radical Guide, Heatscore, and to the rest of Submedia and to Julia Barnes of Oceanic Productions, for sharing your film and sending solidarity messages via video and SMS.

Special thanks also to Kim Hill and Salonika Neupane of Asia Pacific Ecological Network/Deep Green Resistance Asia Pacific

Thank you so much and we want to express our deep appreciation to all of you, this activity became possible because of your cooperation.

And lastly, I personally want to thank my comrade here in Pirate Studio: John Art, Marvin, Jeniffer, Jeffrey, and to Roxanne, which is the newest member of the crew.

Sending Love, Rage and Solidarity!

Creative Resistance is Everywhere!

-Pirate Studio

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