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DENR - Destruction of EnvIronment and Natural Resources

by bas umali

- Environmental impact of road construction in Northern Negros Natural Park and Airport construction in Bulacan.


by submedia

Every day the news gets worse. Millions of people are displaced by record-breaking heatwaves and droughts, violent mega-storms and flash floods. Unprecedented wildfires burn out of control, scorching massive tracts of forest and brush, and plunging nearby urban metropolises into surreal scenes of mid-afternoon darkness. Meanwhile, scientists solemnly inform us that marine life could be wiped out by mid-century, as the oceans continue to be gradually transformed from vibrant areas of rich biodiversity into the plastic-filled graveyards of industrial civilization. Try as we might… the consequences of our consequence-free lifestyles are becoming harder and harder to ignore.

It’s become widely accepted that ‘global warming’ exists, and that our societies’ current rates of carbon emission are imperiling future generations. Millions of people agree that we are robbing our unborn descendants of their right to an inhabitable planet – something that their ancestors foolishly took for granted. This increasing awareness is translating into a growing consensus that our so-called ‘leaders’ need to intervene in order to fix this problem and correct this historic injustice. Unfortunately, most environmental activists continue to be hampered by a false understanding of how power operates in society, the scale of the problem that we face… and what would actually be required to fix it. In Trouble 23, subMedia takes a closer look at these dynamics, arguing for the importance of taking bold action to defend local bioregions, even as we work towards the total overthrow and replacement of the global capitalist economy.

Featuring interviews with Dahr Jamail, Nafeez Ahmed, Mel Bazil, Aric McBay and members of the Earth First! Journal Collective

District 15 | Stop Neighborhood Oil Drilling

By Anjali Nayar

-Communities for a Better Environment does critical work on environmental justice and empowers Californian communities to stand up to polluting industries and build a green energy future. This short film highlights the hope and tenacity of the young activists of Wilmington, California as they push the Los Angeles City Council to prohibit new and existing oil and gas drilling operations within 2,500 feet of homes, schools and hospitals.

DamNation | The Problem withHydropower

by Ben Knight &

Travis Rummel

- This film explores the evolution of our national attitude from pride in big dams as engineering wonders to the growing awareness that our own future is bound to the life and health of wild rivers.

Bright Green Lies by Julia Barnes

-BRIGHT GREEN LIES dismantles the illusion of green technology in a bold and shocking exposé, revealing the lies and fantastical thinking behind the notion that solar, wind, electric cars, or green consumerism will save the planet. Almost every major environmental organization is pushing for so-called renewable energy. Claims are being made about "green" technologies that are frankly untrue. Words like "clean", "free", "safe", and "sustainable" are often thrown around. But solar panels and wind turbines don't grow on trees. The mass production of these technologies requires increased mining, industrial manufacturing, habitat destruction, massive greenhouse gas emissions, and the creation of toxic waste. So-called renewable energy does not even deliver on its most basic promise of reducing fossil fuel consumption. On a global scale, the energy is stacked on top of what is already being used.

In cooperation with;

Pelikulaya, Halikon Films, Bas Channel, Samalahat Advocacy, Foond Not Boms Dasma, Kamusta Ka Mutual Aid, Balagbag Environmental Society, Hukbong Lumpen, Oceanic Productions, Vegabond Media, Submedia, A Radical Guide, Asia Pacific Ecological Network, Shale Must Fall, and Deep Green Resistance Asia Pacific.

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