(ICD) Industrial Civilization Discussion 1.0

ICD was successfully done with the help of a local and international network that participated in this discussion last April 25, 2021.

The discussion was started by sharing everyone's perspective about the roots of environmental destruction. Some say and share, about the idea of population, consumerism, politics, and system. The discussion becomes very helpful to see different perspectives and this activity was just an exercise to try and do a deep analysis about the main roots of ecological destructions that was happening in our generations.

Overall, this discussion is an attempt to see what is the participation of this thing we called "Industrial Civilization" in the ecological crisis we're facing today.

We would like to invite everyone to attend and participate in the next round of discussion, especially those networks in Cavite and into environmental protection. We also encourage everyone to initiate an ICD too and we will more happy to participate.

Pirate Studio would like to thank, Jeffrey Reyes, Marygrace Reyes, Mari Ruanto, Lance Flores, Fababeir Man and Hannah of Balagbag Environmental Society, Kath and Jestoni of Local Green Resistance, for participating in this discussion. Thank you to Zoilo of Samalahat Advocacy for doing the translation, to Jedd of Negros Environmental Watch and Food Not Bombs Bacolod and Susan Breen of Shale Must Fall and Deep Green Resistance Ireland, for participating and sharing your ongoing campaign via online. Thanks to Jennifer Murnan of Green Flame Podcast and Deep Green Resistance for participating in the discussion, to Kuya Delfin a local farmer in our community who cook food for us, to John Art a local comrade for sponsoring a tray of eggs, and to Joana Rodelas who help me in preparing things from the very beginning until the end of the activity.

This activity becomes possible because of your efforts and participation.

Until the next round of ICD!

Thank you and Solidarity!

- Pirate Studio

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