Bahaginan sa Silang 1.0

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Bahaginan sa Silang 1.0 Bahaginan sa Silang was succefully done last Feb 13, 2021 with the help of local and international networks who participated and give solidarity in so many different ways.

By around 9 pm on Feb 12, we started preparing and creating our materials, such as banners, flags, and pamphlets. Special thanks to Jen, Joana, Joy and Inggoy who works on it.

By around 9:30 am on Feb 13, Kuya Delfin and Art started preparing and cooking the food that we will share in the public.

Around 12:30 pm we started to travel going to the town proper of Silang where we plan to do the "Really Really Free Market and Food Sharing." We did this in front of Mcdonalds and Chowking which is one of the leading fast-food companies in the country.

Although we have a bad weather on that day, we still proceed with our activities to promote the idea of culture of sharing in a wide public. We received different reactions, some were very hesitant while some are asking. Some are curious and some were surprised.

We take this different reaction from the public as a manifestation that we are becoming alienated from the idea and practice of culture of sharing which is really something natural and practiced by our ancestors for million years. But we understand that this is a simpliest way to remind the community what is the importance of this practice and culture that is base on the idea of mutual cooperation and respect.

We spend around 2 hours in the area and after that, we decided to go back to our space. Overall we can say the we registered a good reputation in the area specifically to vendors, tricycle drivers, common people passing by, traffic enforcers and even into the police officer that was on duty in that area.

But still we want to remind everyone never trust authorities or those people who's in power.

Special thanks to Neneth and to the Las Pinas network who join us in this action.

We also want to thanked Talo and the rest of FNB Dasma crew who also participated in this activity.

At around 2:30 pm, we started the free workshop by Neneth which is a smoothie workshop where she discussed the importance of using a natural food that we can grow in our backyard. This is also a simplest way to fight and boycott pharmaceutical companies.

Jen and Hohana do the crochet workshop which can be used as a livelihood program in a community.

Around 5 pm we started the film showing where we play 2 materials from our International network which is Submedia.

We play what is Autonomy and Mutual Aid which is very informative and helpful to understand this principle and politics behind our actions. Thanks to Heatscore for participating in this activity.

Around 5:30 pm Direct Arvin Belarmino started playing some of his films which is really something intense and will give you a radical consciousness. He also play the film "Tarang" which is an international award-winning film.

We would like to admire and thank those filmmakers like Arvin who create films to bring awareness about what's happening in our society, ecology, and politics where at the same time, they are also willing to share their master piece for free in a community.

We also want to thanks Arvin and Carlo for doing the sounds and visual performance.

By around 9 pm we start calling some local artist that will perform that night.

Special thanks for all those talented individuals and to Ingay Likha artist who shared their master piece.

Specially thanks to Talo for his initiative to do and run the program that night. He also prepare a free soup with the help of FNB Dasma Crew.

Hohana, Joana, Jen, Marvin, and Robin also prepare a meal that will be shared to others too.

We also want to thanks Susan Breen of Deep Green Resistance Ireland for sharing what is Shale must Fall Campaign.

We also want to thank Jedd and Krishna of FNB Bacolod and Save Negros Natural Park campaign and Max Wilbert of Deep Green Resistance for their attempt to send their recorded video to share what is happening in Negros Natural Park and to The Thacker Pass Campaign.

Although we didn't have the chance to play it that night, we still plan to put those materials in the video documentary that we will produce.

Once again, we want to thanked all those individuals and groups who participated in this event. And thank you to our networks who send their solidarity and participate in so many different ways.

Special thanks to Lea and Jimmy Dunson of Mutual Aid Disaster Relief.

Special thanks to Kim Hill who always support our local activities and actions.

Special thanks to Susan Breen and Max Wilbert for always participating in our local initiatives.

Special thanks to Italo Ramos Lambito and to the rest of FNB Dasma.

Special thanks to Alvin of Ingay Likha and to the rest of Ingay Likha Artist.

Special thanks to Neneth and to the rest of Las Pinas Network.

Special thanks to Arvin and to Halikon Films.

Special thanks to all the people who come and participated in the re-launching of Pirate Studio here in Silang Cavite!

Overall we can say that the culture of sharing is one the best recipe for a sustainable community.

And we can say that this culture and action is also a form of resistance to fight the dominating system and set-up we called Industrial Civilization which is the root of oppression, poverty, hunger, corruption, violence, and ecological destruction.

The Pirate crew was happy and determined to continue organizing activities and initiatives like this!

See you all!

Until the next activity and action!

Creative resistance is everywhere!

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