​Pirate Studio is an autonomous space where Pelikulaya Production operates and works to produce documentaries about local actions. We do film screening and showing as well as produce and host podcasts to share awareness and breed radical consciousness using digital platforms.

Various materials ranging from books, zines, and different musical instruments are also available. We also host small discussions and conduct a free basic workshops in urban gardening, video editing, DSLR videography, guitar lessons, and other available ethnic instruments in the space.
The people who operate this space are also into outdoor activities where we organize outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, rappelling, wall climbing, and programs like Environmental Awareness, Basic Mountaineering Courses (BMC), and Leave No Trace Principle (LNT) with the help of some collective from the outdoor network.
​We also participate in Free Market, Food Not Bombs, and Mutual Aid initiatives as part of our activities to promote the culture of sharing. 

Pirate Studio also supports Environmental campaigns about Anti-Mining, Reforestation, and Deforestation, and Climate issues. 

​Pirate Studio is an autonomous and safe space to discuss any Eco-Socio-Political topics and issues.