Pirate Studio is a temporary autonomous space that promotes creative resistance through arts such as music and film. We also promote the importance of Non-Violence Direct Actions, Culture of sharing,  Culture of resistance, Community Defense, Self-determination, Environmental Protection and Conservation and Autonomy. 


We are running our DIY Media Production called Pelikulaya Production which produces short documentaries about our local actions, Host Podcasts such as  Tagay Collective, Artkapelago, and Mad Earth Podcast that tackle different social issues. 


We also conduct and host activities such as film showing, small discussions, workshops and skills sharing, food sharing and free market, and other activities that might be helpful to our community. 


We also offer our mini-community library where different books about politics, the environment, and zines are available to read or to borrow by everyone. 


We support local and international campaigns that call for ecological and social justice.


We are encouraging and open to everyone who wants to conduct discussions, workshops, or projects that might be helpful to our community and future generations. We are open to a partnership for specific projects that will fit our values and principles. 


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